One can either go to Spildra by the local steamer or hire a private transport from Burfjord or Skjervøy. The local steamer runs every day exept Saturdays and Mondays from the villages of Burfjord and Skjervøy (timetable). To Burfjord one can drive from Tromsø (4.5 hour) or from Alta (1.5 hour). Both Tromsø and Alta have international airports. Direct flights London-Tromsø (both ways) Saturdays and Tuesdays.( From Tromsø the easiest way is to take the Express boat (timetable) to Skjervøy (2.5 hour) which corresponds with the local steamer to Spildra (0.5 hour). Both boat trips represent an unique round trip in a spectacular fiordal landscape and is a magnificent experience.

The local steamer calls at Dunvik and from there one can be taken by a small boat to Skaga if weather permits (10 minutes) or one can walk the tiny road (1/2 hour) from Dunvik.

Private transport can also be arranged, ca. 700 NKR (88 €) from Burfjord and 1.000 NKR (125 €) from Skjervøy.